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Glasrud Auditorium: 3/9 Wurlitzer Hybrid

Minnesota State University, Moorhead

The 3/9 Wurlitzer/Hybrid organ in Glasrud Auditorium can be credited to a man by the name of Ted Larson. Larson, the the head film instructor at Minnesota State University - Moorhead (MSUM), asked for Lance Johnson and Dave Knudtson to play silent movies on the piano for his film class. The piano at the time was less than desirable, so Lance asked Ted if he would be interested in installing an organ in the auditorium. Permission was granted, and the organ was assembled.

3/9 Wurlitzer Hybrid

The console was originally from the Rialto Theatre in New York and was a 2/7 Wurlitzer. It was then was sold to a Methodist church. RRATOS purchased the organ after that. The pipework from the original organ was lost somewhere along it's history, but was replaced with nine ranks of pipes from various organs. The original Wurlitzer console was in very bad condition and was rebuilt for the installation in Glasrud by Johnson Organ Co. A third manual was added as well as a solid state relay. It is used for MSUM's Summer Cinema Series, occasional film festivals, and RRATOS chapter meetings.

The Toy Counter and bass pipes in the Solo Chamber.

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