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Capital Campaign

About the $500,000 Capital Campaign

         50 years ago in December 1973, the 1926 Wurlitzer organ at the historic Fargo Theatre was first restored and brought back into the public ear after it had sat unused since 1948. Now, 50 years later, it is once again in danger of falling silent. Though a mere 7 ranks (sets) of pipes during its early years, the organ now contains 32 ranks of pipes, making it the largest theatre pipe organ between Chicago and the west coast. The Mighty Wurlitzer in the Fargo Theatre is one of only two theatre pipe organs in the state of North Dakota and is currently the only one used for public performance. The Fargo Theatre, in which the Wurlitzer is housed, is an icon of the Fargo-Moorhead Community, and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

          The current Fargo Theatre house organists deal with an increasing number of problems related to the functionality of the organ. These problems impair the organ's sound quality and compromise its playability. For these reasons, the RRTOS membership voted to draw up and adopt a comprehensive restoration plan for the Wurlitzer to be completed by the Moe Pipe Organ Company of Wadena, Minnesota.

           In November 2023, the Capital Campaign Committee was elected and consists of Alex Moe & Dylan Thiele, Co-Chairs; Alex Swanson, Secretary; and Dr. Jean Hellner, Treasurer.

           The purpose of this campaign shall be for the restoration and historical preservation of the Mighty Wurlitzer Theatre Pipe Organ at the Fargo Theatre.
        The completion of this goal will include:

  • Build and install a new electrical system.

  • Overhaul and rewire the organ console.

  • Restore and tonally finish several ranks (sets) of pipes, including returning the last original rank to the organ and adding a 16' English Post Horn extension.

  • Replace windlines and re-leather various parts of the organ.

  • Establish an endowment fund, the interest of which will ensure proper maintenance and improvements to the Wurlitzer.

  • Earmark funding for the organ's rededication and for future concerts and events to keep the restored organ in the public sphere.

          Donations to the campaign may be made via check, made out to RRTOS and mailed to:

  Red River Theatre Organ Society

  PO Box 121

  Fargo, ND 58107


  Donations may also be made via PayPal 

           The Red River Theatre Organ Society is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization, so donations to the Capital Campaign Fund or RRTOS in general are tax-deductible.

          For more information regarding the Capital Campaign, please contact one of the Chairpersons:

Alex Moe (218) 402-0667 or

Dylan Thiele (701) 561-8851 or  

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